Monday, February 6, 2012

Pic post #1

So I didn't get much crafting done this weekend, but I did work on my dresser some (will show you that later this week) but first I want to take today to show you some of my bridal portraits that i had taken oh about 9 months or so ago. Obviously I couldn't post them before the wedding and now I am just getting around to it! As with the engagement pics they were shot by the lovely Jessica Bailey.My mom wanted to go to Dallas to look for my dress but we have a Davids Bridal here in town so I said lets just check it out and when I don't find anything we will go. Low and behold the very first dress I tried on, I bought! Does not get any easier than that!
  So here you go!

 I Made this umbrella by gluing single petals individually until it was completely covered.

Pretty sure this one is my favorite.

 In my favorite Louboutins and the bench I am sitting on is from my antique bedroom set that is from 1929 and was my moms Grandmas!

If you look closely the black on my foot is actually a tattoo of three paw prints Nate got for me years ago for my three baby dogs!

Hope you enjoyed! Tomorrow Ill post some pics from the actual wedding!

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