Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Saturday Shopping

A little back story I had these in my living room:
Not only are they the ugliest lamps known to man kind, they were way to big for our end tables, and did I mention they are ugly? I didn't want to just replace them, I wanted to find the perfect lamps and I did this weekend at Pier 1. LOVE that store. So here are our new lamps!

Small, brown leather, gold and scroll, which matches our living room perfect! I was so excited to find them!

This is a new button down my mom actually gave me so I didn't really buy it but oh well. You cant tell from the picture but its a beautiful pink Ralph Lauren, it actually matches the new Ralph flats I found at Dillards for $17!!!! My mom and I love us some Ralph Lauren!

What steals and deals have you guys found lately?

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