Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Time Line

Here wonderful husband and I when we first got together about 4 years ago out for my 26th birthday. Notice the fat faces on both of us!
Here we are a couple of years later right after we got engaged celebrating my 28th birthday!
Notice the not so fat faces any more?
And here is Sept 2011 a month before my 29th birthday.
Its obvious we didn't keep off all the weight we initially lost, but I am at a happy 130 lbs and at 5'3" it seems to fit me, I don't have to work to stay at it, and I am comfortable, I could get down to 120 but then I would have to work to stay there and I want to enjoy life.

So when I heard about this nodiet.com I immediately ordered some. You take one tablespoon every night and then go immediately to sleep, no playing on the phone or Ipad and no watching a movie, and it is supposed to spend the next 45 minutes dissolving fat or something.
I have never slept better in my entire life.
Its like that tablespoon is some magical sleep aid.
Its claim is that its pure protein and works on digesting fat while you sleep. I have lost about 4  pounds in the last month but I feel it was probably due to the fact that I just wasn't eating a whole lot, plus you are not supposed to eat three hours before you go to bed and that really helps with weight loss.
Its not crazy expensive but its not the cheapest stuff either. I bought two months and it cost me around $75 for shipping and all, but if you buy a larger quantity you get a bigger discount. I will probably invest in 6 months worth next time but I thought two months was enough to determine if I liked it. The taste is not horrible but its not something I would want to drink it large quantities, it reminds me of watered down yellow Gatorade.

I was not sponsored or compensated for writing this post,  I just wanted to share so you could sleep as well as I have been.

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