Thursday, March 8, 2012

Book Page Paper Flower Wreath

A while back my mom and I saw a wreath very similar to this one at at a store in town.
She wanted to buy it, and I told her not to that I would be happy to make her one. I have been eyeing paper flowers for a while now and this was the excuse I needed to try it. We went to a book sale and bought two of the fattest paper back books we could find for $1.00.
So here are my three first paper flowers ever.

The middle one was my first one, and ironically it is the best looking in my opinion. I think I started focusing too much after I made that one and the following two aren't quite as pretty. I'm hopeful that I can get on some sort of a roll and they will all look beautiful from here on out! (Fat chance, but thats the beauty of handmade)

Stephanie Lynn has a wonderful tutorial for making these flowers
They really are not that hard, all you need is a book, lots of hot glue, some time and some patience!

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