Friday, March 23, 2012

Experiencing Technical Difficulties

OK maybe not technically technical difficulties, but I seem to have lost my craftspiration. Get it crafty inspiration=craftspiration.

Heres a few reason why, we had a friend in town for two weeks, then I went shopping on our 4 day weekend trip. I will post pics of my finds I promise! Wonderful husbands dad came to visit, we are working to get the garage ready to be redone since the ceiling collapse. (they start Monday! WOO-HOO!), and I have had a lot going on at work, plus its been rainy and overcast the last week or so, and I just lose all motivation without sunshine!

But hopefully, this weekend things will change. Wonderful husband is at the lake, so I hope to work on some more book page flowers for my moms wreath this afternoon and make some more banana bread( I think I am addicted). Tomorrow my mom and I have a full day of shopping planned. We love to shop!
Also I hope to do a little Clothing DIY this weekend, as well as, re pot some plants and do some much needed work in the yard.

So here's to a productive and wonderful weekend to all!

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