Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mod Podge Glitter shoes

I tried my hand at glittering the heels of a pair of heels I own over the weekend.
I don't wear them very often so I wasn't worried if I ruined them. I've seen these all over Pinterest but I didn't use any one source, or any source for that matter just free handed it. Here's what you will need:
Mod podge
Paintbrush (not shown)
Glitter ( I used Martha Stewart, Florentine Gold and Smoky Quartz mixed together)
and a pair of heels.
First I seriously underestimated the amount of glitter needed in the mod podge, after my first try you couldn't even see the glitter, so I added more glitter to my mix. It was like 99/100ths glitter 1/100th Mod Podge by this point and I believe that is about how much you really need for the glitter to show.

 This is after my second coat, I have no patience so while waiting for it to dry I decorated more areas.
 Like the black fabric above the heel, the rim of the shoe,  and one of the layers closest to the toe.
 And here is the finished product! I could have kept adding glitter to completely cover the black but I liked the black peeking through.

I cant wait to wear them!
Hope this helps anyone who may be trying this in the future!

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