Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Moms Birthday

I took my mom for a special birthday dinner Saturday night at a place about an hour and a half from here called Wildcatter Ranch. While we were waiting on our table we had drinks at the bar and I happened to notice the ceiling was covered in corks, and I loved it. I have the perfect place to do something like this except not on the ceiling. I had always looked at cork boards as like a picture. Put the corks in a frame and then move the frame where you want it, but I love the idea of making them permanent.We tore down a cabinet that hung over our bar but was super low and blocked tall husbands view into the living room and really was just an eyesore. But since we did that we have a small wall space that is not textured nor painted. This is where i envision our cork board. Hope wonderful husband agrees!
I'm not sure you can tell by the picture but they have framed the lights with the big round champagne corks as well.
So back to the birthday, although it was a dreary rainy day, my mom and I had a delicious dinner with a few drinks, and talked and laughed and had a wonderful time for her birthday.
We also have what has become a tradition our three day Dallas/Fort Worth shopping spree this week. We will leave on Thursday and come back Saturday. The  DSW's and all the vintage stores better watch out, because we will be there in a few days!
I cant wait to share what all I get!

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