Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Saturday Shopping

I finally got around the photographing my purchases from the Dallas trip with my mom and some things I bought last weekend. All the shoes came from DSW. If you have not visited these stores online or in person you are missing out, I highly recommend doing so. They have great shoes at great prices. Here are my purchases.

 These are Calvin Klein's. Love them and the dressy/casual feel.

I get new Kenneth Cole flip flops every yr, Love them!

The giraffe print are a brand called Kelly & Katie. This is a brand I have a couple of pairs from and I am really liking them
Last but not least my pink Sperry's. I also invested in some crosses for my cross wall. I am always on the lookout for crosses

Believe it or not I only spent $37 at Coach. I invested in a sunglasses holder and a pony tail scarf.
 This last weekend I also invested in a glass duck paper weight. It was only $1.50 and I couldn't resist!

While my mom and I were in Dallas we also bought some plates and candle sticks to make our own cake stands. Ill be sure to post about all that later!

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