Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sock bun hair

I decided to give the sock bun curls that I wrote about here a try.
Although I didn't have wet hair, I just pulled the top half up and the bottom half into to two separate sock buns and slept on them overnight.
I just knew this was going to be my first "Pinterest Fail", I was mentally writing the fail post in my head as I was taking my hair down.
But it wasn't a fail. It actually looked really good. Wonderful husband was not home to take the pictures so unfortunately they aren't that great. But it gave my hair loose waves and a lot of volume.
 Yes I am in my bathrobe, no judgement please! I was getting ready for work.
So my hair looked great, for about 5 minutes. Even though I sprayed it with hairspray before I rolled it up and again after I let it down, it was just too heavy.
I ended up pulling it into a high pony and it held up great. Instead of being flat and boring, the pony tail had some bounce and volume. The few strands that weren't as wavy I simply wrapped around my Chi and gave them the waves to match.

I will be trying this again with slightly damp hair and maybe some stronger products to see if it will hold, but all in all I was very impressed!

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