Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Not your normal tree skirt.

In our "formal" living room/dining area we always get a real tree, and put it in front of the windows, we usually have a normal tree skirt, but with 5 dogs, I was getting it dry cleaned every year and we finally tossed it. I knew I wanted something, but I knew I didn't want a normal tree skirt.
So thanks to pinterest I found this at In my own style. She used metal flashing and covered it with fabric. I didn't use fabric, but I did wrap flashing around the bottom and secured it with two small binder clips. Now when I take the tree down, We can roll the flashing up and keep it until next year, added bonus I believe it only cost $8! That's a huge savings from the $50+ tree skirts I kept seeing!
So here she is.

I love the way the flashing gives it a finished look, and so far not one dog has hiked a leg on the metal, and it was sooo easy! I added a small trio of trees and a Christmas plate set thing on the dining room table and called it a day!
Since I took these pictures, I acquired 2  four ft tall stockings that I have hung on either side of the tree. Ill have to get pictures of those as well!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Small fake living room tree

This is not to be confused with our real tree in the formal dining/living area, but that's for another post!
I have had this white tree for years and always decorated it with silver and black, it looked very regal when I had my own house, plus the walls were burgundy so red decorations really clashed, but I was not  happy with how it looks in our house now. So I added red. I really like how it turned out. This is in our actual living area and we put presents under it(which are also only wrapped in black, silver, white and red). I like to coordinate! This tree is right beside the mantle shown in the previous post, so you can see why it needed some color!
Here she is in all her glory! Sorry for the crappy pic but I just couldn't get it to take a good one!

I bought some tree "flair" at Hobby Lobby, I really like the red feather looking things and silver sticks with small red balls. I think next year Ill try to find a silver and red topper as well.

These are my paw print ornaments of all of my dogs (since my adulthood) sadly my childhood dog is not part of this. I am so glad I did this especially since three of the eight paws are no longer with us.

I also couldn't find any red glitter ornaments that I liked, so using the tutorial below from craft-e-corner, I made my own. This is one of the easiest DIY crafts I have ever done, and I love the way that they look!~ plus since the glitter is on the inside it does not fall of flake off!
and since this is the last post on my living room area I also have a silver nativity scene out with my two ornament topiaries.
That pretty much wraps up the living room/den Christmas décor tour!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Mantel 2013

Apparently I like things in groups of three, and it wasn't even planned, so subconsciously I must really like things in groups of three!

 The silver wreath I got at Pier One a few years back, with my three snowmen.

Its hard to see, but I love the little dachshund with a bird on its nose. This is actually the second one, the first one fell off the mantle last year and died a dachshund related death, meaning it was "destuffed" by one of my very own!
 The NOEL letters are the cheap letters you find at craft stores covered with tin foil.
Pay no attention to the three wreaths not being the same height. I originally had just the one in the middle higher and the two on each side, but my command strips weren't hanging correctly on the brick and kept falling so when I got them stuck and stuck enough to hold the wreaths, that is where they stayed!
SO there it is, stay tuned for the rest of my Christmas decor.

Monday, December 2, 2013

December Wreath

Its Santa!

 It was super easy to make, just wrap some black and red yarn, add some fuzzy white yarn and cut a "belt buckle" out of silver paper!
When I have time Ill post about our Christmas décor &  mantle for 2013

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November Wreath

He's a small little guy, but I used what I had on hand and covered with moss and hot glued pumpkins, gourds etc for  a Thanksgiving, but still fall (ish) vibe.
Sorry for the lack of posts, I am so busy at work I can barely find time to take a lunch let alone post a blog!
Here's a close up of my wreath.

You can see where I did take the time to tuck leaves and berries and acorns in as well.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall Mantle

Let me begin by saying I don't change my mantle, except for fall and then Christmas, then its back to normal.
The focal point of the mantle is this awesome wreath my aunt made me last year to celebrate my first year of marriage and the first Thanksgiving at our house, we had previously always had it at my grandparents or her house, but Nate and I have since taken it over.
The sides look like this
I tried my hand at painting the pumpkin above, Im not very happy with it, I think I will paint the entire thing green and distress it a little so some white and brown show.

The set of pumpkins and the little wreath my mom gave me a couple of years back. Im not big on the scarecrow but I haven't really figured out what to do with it yet, I think I will also paint over the harvest blessings and write thankful or something since my big wreath also says happy harvest. Its a bit of a harvest overload.
Speaking of overload, this mantle has entirely too much orange in it as you can see below. I bought another little fake pumpkin to put on the side with only two, I cant stand it being disproportionate. I am thinking of using mod podge and maybe some pretty fall paper napkins to cover it and adding it in front once I repaint the brown and white pumpkin, its not on the mantle yet, because I couldn't stand the thought of another ORANGE thing up there!
And I cant forget my sad little bowl full of crap. It only got a bow tied around the bottom and some leaves and pumpkins thrown in it and it got downgraded to fire place level, since there wasn't enough room on the actual mantle.
There it is in its entirety for now. Changes to come, I promise!
UPDATE! Okay, so I added a green pumpkin, and that's it, and that's going to be all for this year, I hope to make some changes for next year, because that argyle pumpkin is killing me, but Nate and Connor say its their favorite.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

New bedroom

The other day my mom and I were at JC Penney's and while I was waiting on her I sat on a showroom mattress. OH MY GOODNESS. it was the most comfortable thing I had ever sat/laid/been on. It was a Serta icomfort. After doing some research I found it online at Sam's for $200 cheaper, free delivery and it had a rebate in the form of a $300 gift card to Sam's. I was sold!
I had been looking for a new bedroom suite for a while, not looking very hard but keeping my eyes open. Nate and I both had queen size beds when we moved in together and we really needed a king. So after ordering the mattress, I really started looking for furniture. I knew I didn't want dark wood (I'm trying to lighten up the house) and I didn't really want light wood, but more of a painted/stained look, and I found it.
At Ashley's furniture! Better than that I got it 20% off with free financing for 2 years! I couldn't pass up a deal like that, but if you know me you know I hate debt, so I will pay it off early and get back to my debt free lifestyle! Obviously the pic above is the stock pic and not my bedroom, but I did purchase everything except the bench( I didn't like the fabric on it)
It really is pretty, it has marble tops and it is a beautiful off white with a brown/grayish stain to it. The only bad thing is the furniture is bigger than what we had so it does look a little oversized in our bedroom now, but it should look amazing when we finish the addition and move it into our super big and spacious bedroom!
But back to the mattress!
If you need a new one I definitely recommend a Serta icomfort. They aren't cheap, but totally worth it. Even our dogs don't want to get off of the bed now!

Another plus for me is the box spring was free with the purchase of the mattress and its covered in a brown corduroy like texture so no need for a bed skirt. I hate bed skirts almost as much as top sheets!
They just get dirty with the dogs going in and out from under the bed and if you try to rotate the mattress they always get messed up, so have been without a bed skirt for a while now anyway, but now we don't need one!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Halloween Wreath

I changed out my wreath for the month of October, still using the same background I now have a wreath with ribbons wrapped around it, I started by wrapping the entire wreath with a large black ribbon and then started filling in with the thicker ones and slowly made my way around and added the thinnest at the very end. I like how it turned out, not too halloweenie (don't think that is a word). I don't decorate the house for Halloween, I just do fall, so I'm not real big on Halloween décor.

In the up close shot you can see the ribbons overlapping and I just tied them on the side, and then went back and trimmed them all to v-points to clean it up.
There are lots of ribbon trimmed wreath tutorials on pinterest, and I tried tying the knots in front on this one but with all the different ribbons and widths, it didn't look so good. I am happy with how it turned out, although it doesn't look all that great with the gold chevron, but oh well because next month there will be a new wreath!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Minecrafter, creeper? Something like that

Connor is totally into Mine Craft, I personally have no idea what is it, something that apparently you shear sheep and he has a lot of iron and nothing to do with it, other than those facts I know nothing about the game. I finally did get around to making him the shirt I saw here. I think its a mine craft creeper??
I printed out the design and used the freezer paper tutorial, but I used a fabric marker and colored it in instead of using paint. I am much better at keeping straight lines with a marker than I am with paint. This was my first try at the freezer paper stencil and I must say, its super easy, and its something I will probably use again. I didn't iron this one on because it was so easy, I just outlined it with the marker and removed the stencil to color, but it on a t shirt board and colored away.
This is after two or three washes and the color is holding up rather well, but not perfectly. Good thing is I can always recolor it, and the better thing is, the boy liked it!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

School work Display

I recently saw this school display from Anightowlblog.com and thought it would be perfect since we have my step son this year.
FYI this is a major life change for my husband and I , we are use to only having him in the summer, add the fact that we had a weeks notice to get him enrolled and prepared, we were stressing a bit for sure.
I want him to feel at home in our house so I thought i would make the display to hang any school work, art etc. he was proud of.
Bonus I already had the supplies on hand.
All you need is a hanger, yellow paint and a sharpie. Awesome right?

As you can see its by no means perfect, but he liked it and was happy to have something I made just for him.

And here is the boy in a shirt I bought him that he loved because its exactly like what his daddy wears. It had been a long time since I have been school clothes shopping, and buying for a boy was a first, but that's what needed to be done since we had no school clothes for him.
We are enjoying having the guy around though, its definitely been a learning experience for if I ever have a child.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vase & Flower Arrangement DIY

You might have seen some tutorials around Pinterest for tinting glass vases with Rit dye and modge podge like this one from Debbie Doo's. Well I gave it my best try. I mixed orange Rit and moodge podge and painted it, it was orange, like really orange (unfortunately I didn't get a pic), needless to say, I didn't like it. As I was looking around in my craft room I saw a dark brown stain and thought, hey why not. I mixed stain and modge podge and painted it over the orange. If you try this project just remember you will most likely need something over the dye unless you are going for the bright color look.
Please don't judge the arrangement, it needs some work.

I really like how the brown muted the bright orange and gave it a copperish look, as you can see up close it is far from perfect, but seriously who gets that close to a mantel?
The arrangement is a totally different story.
I orginally saw an arrangment like this:

on one of my daily sale sites from NDI, but they wanted over $700 for it!! Try to imagine the yellow tulips and bright blue hydrangesas instead of pink and light blue.
I keep thinking about it, and decided that it was not worth that kind of money. I could make one myself, so I went on NDI and bought the silk flowers and made the vase. It needs help obviously, but hopefully I will eventually arrange them correctly to look more like the orginal inspiration.

Friday, August 23, 2013


On Tuesday, August 20th at 1:30 pm we had to put our 3 legged "Gentle Giant" Molly to sleep. She was a wonderful dog, and we miss her dearly.

There is so much I want to say about her, and so many stories I would like to share, but I never can seem to get the thoughts down on paper (or typed).
I am so thankful she was in my life, and that I got to take care of her and be her "Mom" for the last 5 years. I am so thankful that I could hold her as she fell asleep for the last time and tell her how much we love her and how sorry we were that we couldn't fix her, and be able to comfort her in her very last moments.
We love you Molly. Until we meet again,  Sweet dreams sweet girl.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Painting Collection

As you may recall I talked about my painting classes here, at that point I had only done two, well that collection has grown.

I know the arrangement looks a little odd, but it didn't until I added the one of the far right top. I am doing another one next month and it will go under that one and I will probably center the Texas flag. I really enjoy these classes, if you live in my area and are curious please check out their website here.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Easy DIY

I had some extra cork board lying around the house and decided to make a board for my office, I didn't want to frame it with an actual frame so I measured and colored with sharpies the border and the stencil.
See what I mean easy peasy.

Nothing too fancy just something to hand stuff on. Its sandwich on very little wall space between a filing cabinet and a bookshelf, but i needed a little something in between to break up the space, but not so big that it overwhelmed and this little guy did the trick.

What do you think?