Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vase & Flower Arrangement DIY

You might have seen some tutorials around Pinterest for tinting glass vases with Rit dye and modge podge like this one from Debbie Doo's. Well I gave it my best try. I mixed orange Rit and moodge podge and painted it, it was orange, like really orange (unfortunately I didn't get a pic), needless to say, I didn't like it. As I was looking around in my craft room I saw a dark brown stain and thought, hey why not. I mixed stain and modge podge and painted it over the orange. If you try this project just remember you will most likely need something over the dye unless you are going for the bright color look.
Please don't judge the arrangement, it needs some work.

I really like how the brown muted the bright orange and gave it a copperish look, as you can see up close it is far from perfect, but seriously who gets that close to a mantel?
The arrangement is a totally different story.
I orginally saw an arrangment like this:

on one of my daily sale sites from NDI, but they wanted over $700 for it!! Try to imagine the yellow tulips and bright blue hydrangesas instead of pink and light blue.
I keep thinking about it, and decided that it was not worth that kind of money. I could make one myself, so I went on NDI and bought the silk flowers and made the vase. It needs help obviously, but hopefully I will eventually arrange them correctly to look more like the orginal inspiration.

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