Wednesday, September 4, 2013

School work Display

I recently saw this school display from and thought it would be perfect since we have my step son this year.
FYI this is a major life change for my husband and I , we are use to only having him in the summer, add the fact that we had a weeks notice to get him enrolled and prepared, we were stressing a bit for sure.
I want him to feel at home in our house so I thought i would make the display to hang any school work, art etc. he was proud of.
Bonus I already had the supplies on hand.
All you need is a hanger, yellow paint and a sharpie. Awesome right?

As you can see its by no means perfect, but he liked it and was happy to have something I made just for him.

And here is the boy in a shirt I bought him that he loved because its exactly like what his daddy wears. It had been a long time since I have been school clothes shopping, and buying for a boy was a first, but that's what needed to be done since we had no school clothes for him.
We are enjoying having the guy around though, its definitely been a learning experience for if I ever have a child.

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