Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall Mantle

Let me begin by saying I don't change my mantle, except for fall and then Christmas, then its back to normal.
The focal point of the mantle is this awesome wreath my aunt made me last year to celebrate my first year of marriage and the first Thanksgiving at our house, we had previously always had it at my grandparents or her house, but Nate and I have since taken it over.
The sides look like this
I tried my hand at painting the pumpkin above, Im not very happy with it, I think I will paint the entire thing green and distress it a little so some white and brown show.

The set of pumpkins and the little wreath my mom gave me a couple of years back. Im not big on the scarecrow but I haven't really figured out what to do with it yet, I think I will also paint over the harvest blessings and write thankful or something since my big wreath also says happy harvest. Its a bit of a harvest overload.
Speaking of overload, this mantle has entirely too much orange in it as you can see below. I bought another little fake pumpkin to put on the side with only two, I cant stand it being disproportionate. I am thinking of using mod podge and maybe some pretty fall paper napkins to cover it and adding it in front once I repaint the brown and white pumpkin, its not on the mantle yet, because I couldn't stand the thought of another ORANGE thing up there!
And I cant forget my sad little bowl full of crap. It only got a bow tied around the bottom and some leaves and pumpkins thrown in it and it got downgraded to fire place level, since there wasn't enough room on the actual mantle.
There it is in its entirety for now. Changes to come, I promise!
UPDATE! Okay, so I added a green pumpkin, and that's it, and that's going to be all for this year, I hope to make some changes for next year, because that argyle pumpkin is killing me, but Nate and Connor say its their favorite.

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