Thursday, October 3, 2013

Minecrafter, creeper? Something like that

Connor is totally into Mine Craft, I personally have no idea what is it, something that apparently you shear sheep and he has a lot of iron and nothing to do with it, other than those facts I know nothing about the game. I finally did get around to making him the shirt I saw here. I think its a mine craft creeper??
I printed out the design and used the freezer paper tutorial, but I used a fabric marker and colored it in instead of using paint. I am much better at keeping straight lines with a marker than I am with paint. This was my first try at the freezer paper stencil and I must say, its super easy, and its something I will probably use again. I didn't iron this one on because it was so easy, I just outlined it with the marker and removed the stencil to color, but it on a t shirt board and colored away.
This is after two or three washes and the color is holding up rather well, but not perfectly. Good thing is I can always recolor it, and the better thing is, the boy liked it!

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