Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Mantel 2013

Apparently I like things in groups of three, and it wasn't even planned, so subconsciously I must really like things in groups of three!

 The silver wreath I got at Pier One a few years back, with my three snowmen.

Its hard to see, but I love the little dachshund with a bird on its nose. This is actually the second one, the first one fell off the mantle last year and died a dachshund related death, meaning it was "destuffed" by one of my very own!
 The NOEL letters are the cheap letters you find at craft stores covered with tin foil.
Pay no attention to the three wreaths not being the same height. I originally had just the one in the middle higher and the two on each side, but my command strips weren't hanging correctly on the brick and kept falling so when I got them stuck and stuck enough to hold the wreaths, that is where they stayed!
SO there it is, stay tuned for the rest of my Christmas decor.

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