Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Not your normal tree skirt.

In our "formal" living room/dining area we always get a real tree, and put it in front of the windows, we usually have a normal tree skirt, but with 5 dogs, I was getting it dry cleaned every year and we finally tossed it. I knew I wanted something, but I knew I didn't want a normal tree skirt.
So thanks to pinterest I found this at In my own style. She used metal flashing and covered it with fabric. I didn't use fabric, but I did wrap flashing around the bottom and secured it with two small binder clips. Now when I take the tree down, We can roll the flashing up and keep it until next year, added bonus I believe it only cost $8! That's a huge savings from the $50+ tree skirts I kept seeing!
So here she is.

I love the way the flashing gives it a finished look, and so far not one dog has hiked a leg on the metal, and it was sooo easy! I added a small trio of trees and a Christmas plate set thing on the dining room table and called it a day!
Since I took these pictures, I acquired 2  four ft tall stockings that I have hung on either side of the tree. Ill have to get pictures of those as well!

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