Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall Mantle

Let me begin by saying I don't change my mantle, except for fall and then Christmas, then its back to normal.
The focal point of the mantle is this awesome wreath my aunt made me last year to celebrate my first year of marriage and the first Thanksgiving at our house, we had previously always had it at my grandparents or her house, but Nate and I have since taken it over.
The sides look like this
I tried my hand at painting the pumpkin above, Im not very happy with it, I think I will paint the entire thing green and distress it a little so some white and brown show.

The set of pumpkins and the little wreath my mom gave me a couple of years back. Im not big on the scarecrow but I haven't really figured out what to do with it yet, I think I will also paint over the harvest blessings and write thankful or something since my big wreath also says happy harvest. Its a bit of a harvest overload.
Speaking of overload, this mantle has entirely too much orange in it as you can see below. I bought another little fake pumpkin to put on the side with only two, I cant stand it being disproportionate. I am thinking of using mod podge and maybe some pretty fall paper napkins to cover it and adding it in front once I repaint the brown and white pumpkin, its not on the mantle yet, because I couldn't stand the thought of another ORANGE thing up there!
And I cant forget my sad little bowl full of crap. It only got a bow tied around the bottom and some leaves and pumpkins thrown in it and it got downgraded to fire place level, since there wasn't enough room on the actual mantle.
There it is in its entirety for now. Changes to come, I promise!
UPDATE! Okay, so I added a green pumpkin, and that's it, and that's going to be all for this year, I hope to make some changes for next year, because that argyle pumpkin is killing me, but Nate and Connor say its their favorite.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

New bedroom

The other day my mom and I were at JC Penney's and while I was waiting on her I sat on a showroom mattress. OH MY GOODNESS. it was the most comfortable thing I had ever sat/laid/been on. It was a Serta icomfort. After doing some research I found it online at Sam's for $200 cheaper, free delivery and it had a rebate in the form of a $300 gift card to Sam's. I was sold!
I had been looking for a new bedroom suite for a while, not looking very hard but keeping my eyes open. Nate and I both had queen size beds when we moved in together and we really needed a king. So after ordering the mattress, I really started looking for furniture. I knew I didn't want dark wood (I'm trying to lighten up the house) and I didn't really want light wood, but more of a painted/stained look, and I found it.
At Ashley's furniture! Better than that I got it 20% off with free financing for 2 years! I couldn't pass up a deal like that, but if you know me you know I hate debt, so I will pay it off early and get back to my debt free lifestyle! Obviously the pic above is the stock pic and not my bedroom, but I did purchase everything except the bench( I didn't like the fabric on it)
It really is pretty, it has marble tops and it is a beautiful off white with a brown/grayish stain to it. The only bad thing is the furniture is bigger than what we had so it does look a little oversized in our bedroom now, but it should look amazing when we finish the addition and move it into our super big and spacious bedroom!
But back to the mattress!
If you need a new one I definitely recommend a Serta icomfort. They aren't cheap, but totally worth it. Even our dogs don't want to get off of the bed now!

Another plus for me is the box spring was free with the purchase of the mattress and its covered in a brown corduroy like texture so no need for a bed skirt. I hate bed skirts almost as much as top sheets!
They just get dirty with the dogs going in and out from under the bed and if you try to rotate the mattress they always get messed up, so have been without a bed skirt for a while now anyway, but now we don't need one!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Halloween Wreath

I changed out my wreath for the month of October, still using the same background I now have a wreath with ribbons wrapped around it, I started by wrapping the entire wreath with a large black ribbon and then started filling in with the thicker ones and slowly made my way around and added the thinnest at the very end. I like how it turned out, not too halloweenie (don't think that is a word). I don't decorate the house for Halloween, I just do fall, so I'm not real big on Halloween d├ęcor.

In the up close shot you can see the ribbons overlapping and I just tied them on the side, and then went back and trimmed them all to v-points to clean it up.
There are lots of ribbon trimmed wreath tutorials on pinterest, and I tried tying the knots in front on this one but with all the different ribbons and widths, it didn't look so good. I am happy with how it turned out, although it doesn't look all that great with the gold chevron, but oh well because next month there will be a new wreath!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Minecrafter, creeper? Something like that

Connor is totally into Mine Craft, I personally have no idea what is it, something that apparently you shear sheep and he has a lot of iron and nothing to do with it, other than those facts I know nothing about the game. I finally did get around to making him the shirt I saw here. I think its a mine craft creeper??
I printed out the design and used the freezer paper tutorial, but I used a fabric marker and colored it in instead of using paint. I am much better at keeping straight lines with a marker than I am with paint. This was my first try at the freezer paper stencil and I must say, its super easy, and its something I will probably use again. I didn't iron this one on because it was so easy, I just outlined it with the marker and removed the stencil to color, but it on a t shirt board and colored away.
This is after two or three washes and the color is holding up rather well, but not perfectly. Good thing is I can always recolor it, and the better thing is, the boy liked it!